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Middle Eastern Recipes (MER) is a new site (January 2022), so bear with me as I fill it up. This will be your one-stop shop for all your favourite Middle Eastern and North African recipes, and also many that you might not be familiar with. And just as importantly, all my favourite ingredients from the region.


I’m exercising a little artistic license and including recipes from the surrounding region too, like Turkish recipes, Central Asian recipes and as mentioned above, Moroccan recipes. Be sure to bookmark this site!

While I’m building up this site, click here for my Middle Eastern Recipes on LinsFood.

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Hey, I'm Azlin Bloor, former chef, culinary instructor and food blogger.

I've been blogging over at LinsFood.com for over a decade and thought it was about time I started up a site dedicated solely to the food that speaks to my heart and to my soul.