Rice Recipes

I haven’t met a rice dish I didn’t love! I grew up in Singapore and we basically ate rice everyday. And we’d have all sorts, from Malay rice to Pilaus, Biryanis, Middle Eastern rice and Chinese ones.

I could still eat rice every day and never get bored.

This Rice Recipes page will eventually contain all the Middle Eastern rice dishes your heart desires, Persian, Arabic and everything in between!

This site was only created in January 2022, and I spent all of that month getting over the dreaded virus that’s swept through the world. So be patient with me as I slowly fill this Middle Eastern Rice page with some of my favourites. Some will be super easy, some may take a little effort, but they will all have one thing in common – they will be absolutely delicious!

While I’m building up this site, click here for my Middle Eastern Recipes on LinsFood, including Maqluba and Chicken Mandi.

If you need something urgently, drop me a line: [email protected]om.

Rice Recipes